Timo Kallmeyer

Photographer & 3D Artist

Take a look at my pictures! As you can see I ventured into multiple themes and styles. I'm sure there's something fitting your needs in there. If you like what you see or have a question contact me!

A bison walking towards the camera
A guy on a quad doing donuts as the sun sets
An orange Lego Porsche 911 front view
A maine coon cat on a bed looking at the camera
Two mini figurines polishing a raspberry
Reflection of a tree on Johnson Lake, Alberta, Canada
A bison walking against the wind in front of a sunsetA mountain being reflected in a lakeAlexander Falls, BC, Canada in SeptemberRaspberries and blueberries in a mixed pile on a tablePortrait of a girl with her hair blowing in the windA maine coon cat looking up a treeA maine coon cat on a bed looking at the cameraA dog lying on a fur looking into the camera, chocolate labBremen Freimarkt ferris wheel illumination at nightBeautiful pink sunset at a lake in SwedenA fire inside a barrel with a smiley face on itA red Lego muscle carAn orange flower on a black backgroundA woman looking out on a beautiful blue lakeAn orange Lego Porsche 911 sideviewA chilli grinder shaped like a chilliA maine coon cat relaxing

© Timo Kallmeyer 2023
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