Timo Kallmeyer

Photographer & 3D Artist

I am Timo Kallmeyer. I studied Game Design at Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, specializing in Game Art.

I've done photography as a hobby for more than a decade now and am finally confident enough in my skills to pursue a career as a photographer. I paticularly enjoy product and landscape photography but am excited for any new challenge arising. Please take a look at my photos over in the portfolio section!
In Game Development my focus is on environment and prop art as well as rigging. I enjoy optimizing my assets for performance and love mastering new software and features.

If you have questions about my work, want to commission something or even want to add me to your team, please go ahead and contact me!

My skills include:

Timo Kallmeyer Applicant Image
Amtmann-Schroeter Str. 25
28865 Lilienthal

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